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Vallés Occidental area in Spain

The comarca of the Vallès occidental, area industries and second homes

Location: It is located in Barcelona province which borders to the North with the Bages, while to the East it with the comarca of the Vallès occidental, and to the West with the Baix Llobregat. Finally the capital of Catalonia is to the South.

Municipalities: The main municipalities of the Vallès occidental are Sabadell and Terrassa that have a larger population. Alongside them there are other 15 small villages. The economy of the area has been mainly geared to the industry from different sectors such as the textile, food and even the chemical industira.

The end of the 20th century occurred during a conversion by which took much stronger services sector and construction. Many foreigners choose this area as a second residence.

What to see? You will find a great diversity of monuments in Vallès occidental that recall the history of the region as it is the case of Terrassa that has a variety of artistic remains, ranging from the Roman period the Empire of Byzantium and even Paleolithic life that had some of the first settlers.

Where to stay? You have the option to do so in multiple hotels according to the village in which it is to stay. You can also enjoy numerous holiday cottages.

How to reach? The best option is through the airport of Barcelona, which is a few miles but you can also do by the de Girona. Road connections are in very good condition.

Barcelona province in Spain

Land of Gaudí and a good quality of life in the province of Barcelona

Location: The province of Barcelona is situated in the North-West of the Iberian peninsula in the autonomous community of Catalonia and is one of the most important areas of all Spain. It is on the shores of the Mediterranean and has many attractions that draw millions of tourists.

Municipalities: The province is composed by more than one hundred people and the capital of the autonomous community, which is the nerve centre of the province. The climate is mainly Mediterranean with good temperatures all year and not many rainfall.

What to see? The list of things to do in Barcelona is very long. You can visit important monuments such as the Sagrada Familia or the buildings designed by Gaudí, as well as enjoy the many beaches that there are in the city and throughout the province.

What to eat? The great diversity of cultures living in the province becomes a place where you can taste dishes from all over the world. The local gastronomy is influenced by the Mediterranean diet.

Where to stay? It has a hotel very large plant with millions of possibilities for all budgets and tastes.

How to get? The El Prat Airport in Barcelona is the most important in Europe. If you come by train you can do it at high speed from Madrid. It has the port with many connections. By road has many dual carriageways and motorways from all parts of the Iberian peninsula.

Catalunya region in Spain

Catalonia: Barcelona, Guadi and a great place for a holiday

Location: The autonomous community of Catalonia is located in the northeast of the Iberian peninsula. In the north it borders France through the Pyrenees and also other autonomous communities such as Aragon and Valencia. It has many miles of beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

Municipalities: It has 947 municipalities that are distributed in four provinces and in 41 counties. Their main emblem is Barcelona where many tourists are attracted by its cosmopolitan charms.

What to see? In Catalonia you can choose to enjoy artwork by artists recognized worldwide, at the Gaudi museum. There are some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean with clean beaches. If you enjoy spending time in the mountains, there are a good network of roads.

What to eat? The autonomous region has a strong culinary tradition with dishes that are prepared with local crops.

Where to stay? For an autonomous region where tourism plays an important role, you will have many possibilities. Hotels, villas or apartments on the coast are the three main options.

How to get there? Barcelona Airport receives many flights from different parts of the world on a daily basis. The high speed train connects Catalonia with the other regions. It has a network of motorways and highways of high quality.