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San Sebastian area in Spain

Tourism in the region of San Sebastian

Situation: The region of San Sebastian is located in the province of Guipúzcoa in the Basque country. It is one of the most visited places by tourists since it has an incomparable scenery, good beaches and a deeply rooted culture around food.

Municipalities: Twelve people are who come to form part of the region from which its main place is San Sebastian, capital of both the area and the province. All peoples of their environment live which is mainly commercial and tourist activity.

What to see? Shell Beach is one of the most visited sites along with the old town of San Sebastian. The buildings in the Centre are an example of the modernism that developed in Spain in the 20th century

What to eat? Tapas is the best-known dish from San Sebastian, which is an own conception of the cover which is known in the rest of Spain. There are also very good wines as txakoli.

Where to stay? You will have many options to stay during your vacation in San Sebastian. You can from more expensive city to stay in some rooms or sleeping in a hostel.

How to get? San Sebastian airport has flights daily to Madrid or some parts of Europe. By car you can reach through any of the highways in the area. There is a daily bus service.

Gipuzkoa /Guipúzcoa province in Spain

Good beaches and excellent cuisine in the Guipúzcoa province

Location: Guipúzcoa province is located in the autonomous community of the Basque country. It borders with France, Navarre and the other two provinces in the region such as Alava and Vizcaya.

Municipalities: 89 municipalities are part of the province of which the most prominent are San Sebastian, the capital, Zarautz, Eibar or Mondragon. The climate is quite cold during the winter and autumn while having a pleasant temperatures in spring and summer. It is a place with many rainfall throughout the year.

What to see? The province of Guipúzcoa has many attractions for the visitor. In its beaches are often many water sports including surfing that there is a strong tradition. Also the food is another strong point since the pintxos are typical of the region.

What to eat? In the gastronomy of Guipúzcoa finds a wide variety of dishes. The area is also known for the large number of quality restaurants that are scattered with several michelin stars.

Where to stay? Hotels and hostels are the two options most chosen by tourists who decide to spend their holidays in the area. You have also the possibility to rent a House for certain periods of time.

How to get? San Sebastian airport has flights to different parts of the Iberian peninsula and Europe. The roads are in very good condition and good connections. The bus is another of the most used transport.

País Vasco region in Spain

Basque country, land of good food, beaches and rural tourism

Situation: The autonomous community of the Basque country is located at the northern end of the Iberian peninsula, it borders other regions such as Cantabria, Castilla y León, Navarre and La Rioja, as well as part of the French Pyrenees. It has many mountains and a coastline with many beaches.

Municipalities: 252 municipalities make up the autonomous community which highlights the three capitals of the provinces that are Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria. The climate that the autonomous community has is cold in winter and mild in summer. It has numerous precipitations.

What to see? In the Basque country it has numerous options to spend your summer or winter holidays. For example you can enjoy great beaches during the summer with a few very pleasant temperatures or go pintxos in any of the bars that offer this dish.

What to eat? Basque cuisine is considered to be the best that there is in Spain for the large number of recipes and products that have high quality.

Where to stay? In municipalities with many inhabitants you won't have any problem to find a place to spend the holidays. If you wish you have the possibility of renting an apartment on the beach or in the mountains.

How to get? Provincial capitals have very active airports throughout the year. It has a good bus service and road in very good condition to move through the region.