country: Spain
region: Madrid
province: Madrid
city: Alcorcón
district: Alcorcon, Campodon, Venta La Rubia, Ventorro Del Cano, Carretera De San Martin, Fuente Cisneros, Monteprincipe, El Praonal

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Área metropolitana de Madrid area in Spain

A good place to visit in the metropolitan area of Madrid

Situation: The region of the metropolitan area of Madrid is located in the autonomous community with the same name and where is located the capital of Spain. The economic dependence of this zone focuses exclusively with the activity of the capital, the most populated in Europe.

Municipalities: compose it with the municipalities that are in the metropolitan area of Madrid which include cities such as Getafe, Alcorcón and Fuenlabrada. Your environment is essentially flat except in the area of the Sierra where there are numerous mountains where a great hiking activity takes place.

What to see? No you can stand still in this area since the activity that is recorded is quite large. You can go to the theatre to enjoy music with global significance, monuments of many artistic movements or go out at night with bars to enjoy in the metropolitan area of Madrid.

What to eat? Cocido madrileño is the best-known dish in the cuisine of this area. One of the virtues that the region is having a lot of recipes from all parts of the world.

Where to stay? It has a lot of options to stay in any hotels, hostels and apartments for holidays in the region. You can choose any of the budgets from the highest to the most humble.

How to get? Madrid airport is the largest in the world and Europe which has numerous flights. It has many highways and freeways to get. The train is also a good option due to the high speed from any point of the Iberian peninsula.

Madrid province in Spain

Many activities for tourists in Madrid

Location: The autonomous community of Madrid is situated in the Centre of Spain and is the region where the capital of the country. In your environment has many cities bedroom in which many people live. It has a large number of nature reserves and historical heritage.

Municipalities: It is composed of numerous cities that are home to many people such as Getafe, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, among other cities near Madrid. The economy of the region is focused on many aspects of industrial, agriculture or tourism that arrives every day to the region.

What to see? Madrid has many attractions and will have many things to do. You can go to see a historical heritage, hiking all the trails of nearby forests, cultural activities such as plays and musicals.

What to eat? It has a great diversity of restaurants in all parts of the world. In the cuisine of Madrid there are influences from all parts of the world. An ideal dish in the region is the cocido madrileño.

Where to stay? There is a large number of smaller lodgings, hotels and apartments to rent. You won't have any problem for a good holiday.

How to get? Madrid airport is the main way to reach the community from anywhere in Europe. It has a large number of roads and buses that connect with all the towns in its surroundings.

Madrid region in Spain

The community of Madrid, a region that never sleeps

Location: The community of Madrid is situated in the Centre of the Iberian peninsula and includes the capital of Spain. It borders other regions such as Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha.

Municipalities: Composed of a few hundred municipalities around the capital of Spain. An ideal tourist destination.

What to see? In the community of Madrid, there are many attractions to see both in the capital and in other towns of the community. The Sierra de Navacerrada offers great walks and you can enjoy many natural leisure options.

What to eat? The gastronomy of the community is influenced by the Castilian cuisine. It also has many restaurants open throughout the day and even night. It has some of the most important Michelin stars of Europe.

Where to stay? You will have at your disposal one of the best hotel sectors of Europe. In addition there are good apartments and houses for rent for short periods of time.

How to get there? Madrid airport is one of the most important in the world. It has many connections to different parts of the world. By train you can reach it comfortably, and its roads are some of the best in Spain.