country: Spain
region: Cantabria
province: Cantabria
area: Santander
city: Santander
district: Cueto, Monte, PeÑacastillo, San Roman, Santander

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Santander area in Spain

Good food and lots of history in the region of Santander

Location: The Shire of Santander is located in the northern area of the autonomous community of Cantabria and is the area where is located the capital of the region which gives the name to the area. Likewise Santander also gives its name to one of the bays of the Cantabrian Sea.

Municipalities: Composed of about ten villages which highlights Santander which boasts much history and that testimonies from the time of the Roman Empire, have already although the first document dates back to the 11th century from the time of the Gothic King Sancho II.

What to see? Santander is one of the places with a large number of visitors throughout the year. During the winter you can enjoy walks through the streets with monuments steeped in history and in the summer will have at your disposal beaches of high quality along with a not very hot weather.

What to eat? The region offers a selection from the sea very good products that have given him a good name as a place with a good kitchen. Seafood, red mullet, sea bass, sardines are some of the fish that are the protagonists of their dishes.

Where to stay? When a zone very busy you have many options to spend your holidays. From luxury hotels globally recognized to humble hostels for all budgets.

How to get? You can do this through from Santander airport which has daily flights to Madrid. The highway coming into town is also very important to the region. It has at its disposal trains and public buses that move so regularly.


Cantabria province in Spain

Rural tourism with taste of Cantabria

Location: Cantabria is one of the autonomous communities that are uniprovinciales. It is located to the North of the Iberian peninsula. The life of its citizens revolves around the Cantabrian Sea covering all its costs and in which many people live.

Municipalities: Composed of a hundred or so villages where the most important is the capital Santander. The climate of the region is mainly mild in summer and in winter low temperatures, it is areas with more rain in Spain.

What to see? Cantabria has many monuments that concentrate a large number of visits throughout the year. Thus for example may turn to the caves of Altamira, where there are remains of the first inhabitants on the continent, also you can see others such as the Magdalena Palace and the Collegiate Church of Santillana del Mar.

What to eat? Mountain stew is the dish most characteristic of Cantabria with ingredients such as beans or cabbage along with sausages like chorizo, blood sausage and bacon.

Where to stay? In Cantabria there are several options to be able to stay in different towns and cities that exist throughout its territory.

How to get? To get to the region should do so by any motorways or highways that connect it with other autonomous communities. Alternatively, you can get by train or by bus. It has an airport with few flights near Santander.

Cantabria region in Spain

Cantabria, a jewel of rural tourism

Location: The autonomous community of Cantabria is located in the north of the Iberian peninsula. It borders other regions such as Asturias, Castilla and Leon and the Basque country, while its coastline is in the Cantabrian Sea.

Municipalities: The community is composed of 102 municipalities, including the Santander capital and San Vicente de la Barquera and others.

What to see: In Cantabria you can enjoy the beach, mountain and monuments which are part of the history of the Iberian peninsula. The Playa el Sardinero in Santander attracts many tourists during the summer, you can choose to go hiking on many rural roads.

What to eat: Typical dishes are for example the stews with meats such as beef that are raised on different farms.

Where to stay: In the tourist towns there are many possibilities such as as bed and breakfasts, hotels, and many houses and apartments to rent.

How to get there: To get to Cantabria, roads or motorways will take you there from different parts of the peninsula. You can also arrive by plane at the airport of Santander, or by train.