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What is an XML/data feed?

A feed is a means to publish frequently updated data in a consistent data format. Typically, a software developer or data feed partner will create a feed for you. Or the system you currently use for your properties may be abe to generate a feed we may handle.

What data/XML feeds are supported by

We work with a variety of data partners and are constantly extending our list. At the moment we support inmoweb, kyero and xml2u. In addition we have our own specification should you wish to build a custom feed to match our requirements. Please contact us for details about this.

How often is my information updated?

Data is synchronised every 24 hours as a minimum, normally between 00:00 and 01:00 every night.

Are there any restrictions on listing types you accept?

Yes. At the moment we only support For Sale and For Rent.

Can you scrape data directly from my website?

No. We have experienced numerous issues with scraping in the past which have resulted in missing/erroneous data. Data feeds provide with a consistent and guaranteed format which ensures listings are posted with high-quality, accurate data.

I don’t have a feed, how can I get one?

First check with your provider of the property system if you use one, they may be able to generate a feed format we support. Or use the services of a professional software company to create your data feed.

Can I upload listings manually?

Yes. However you must ensure that you regularly maintain your portfolio yourself and delete/update listings whenever applicable. You may also do a combination of manual upload and automatic feed, but in these cases make sure you exclude the properties added manually from the feed. This may be done on the feed configuration page on our site.

When will my listings go live?

After setting up the feed, we will run some tests towards our test database, and carry out necessary quality control to ensure that the data is complete. Once approved, we will move the account to the live servers where you will be able to add paid subscriptions to the included 20 free advertisments.

Does charge me for importing?

No. We won’t charge you for the importing or testing or any support required during this process, and you will only start to pay your subscription fee once listings have been approved.

What information is displayed on my listings?

Any information provided within the feed will appear on For example, sales or rental price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, descriptions, photos(limit 60), your contact information, and other detailed information you provide which we support.

Is there a limit on how many listings I can include in a feed?

If you have not bought any paid subscriptions, there is a limit of 20 properties. If you have bought subscriptions in addition to the free advertisements, the limit is 20 + the number of paid subscriptions.

Is there a minimum/maximum photo requirement?

There is an upper restriction of 60 photos associated with each individual listing. We do not publish properties without photos, as we have a requirement of minimum one photo per listing. We encourage you to include as many photos as possible to attract more page views and clients.

How long does it take to process my import?

Our aim is to process all new imports within a maximum time frame of 7 working days. Once all quality checks have been carried out and listings are approved, they will be deemed acceptable for activation. But please note, this process could take longer during times when there are a lot of feeds queued for import. Normally with the already supported import feed types, we will be able to process them in much less than 7 days.

What contact information is provided on my listings?

This depends on the format of the feed you choose to use. Some may only be able to use the contact information on your account, but some like our casainfo format may have different agents as contacts for different listings.

Can I edit imported listings?

Yes, but please keep in mind they will be overwritten on a subsequent import if you do not exclude the property from the feed. We have filters on the feed where you may exclude/include properties, this can be configured on the property management page of your account.

What happens when I delete a property from my feed?

When you remove a home from your feed, the listing will be removed from the next time we synchronise your feed, which is within 24 hours.

How are my listings assigned to my profile?

Listings are matched to your company account. All agents associated with this company account may add/edit properties on the main company account. If there appears to be discrepancies on what we are displaying on your portfolio compared to your original data, please contact us with via email at, and remember to provide as much information as possible.

Are my listings shared with other publishers/listing companies?

We do not distribute or share any listing except in the cases where you have chosen subscriptions which includes other portals/sites. We offer subscription packages that allows for publishing on other international sites. Some of these are the leading property portals in countries with many potential buyers of property in Spain.

For further technical support or import information, please contact us at