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  • 1Alto Guadalentin

    Alto Guadalentín, area of huertas and good beaches region

    Location: The region of the Alto Guadalentín is situated in the autonomous community of Murcia, more specifically to the South where borders with the province of Almería. The Guadalentín River runs through the area and gives the name to be what gives form part of the local terrain.

    Municipalities: make three municipalities which have a dry climate all year round with average winter temperatures warm it up so it is an area for the cultivation of fruits and many vegetables.

    What to see? In every town you will have some attractive monument or activity for your holidays. For example, in the municipality of Lorca enjoy its castle and the Baroque architecture of many of its buildings. In the beach area with activities related to the aquatic activity.

    What to eat? The recipes prepared by the inhabitants of the region of the Alto Guadalentín are based on the raw materials of the huerta. Thus for example is well-known gazpacho that are cooked in the villages.

    Where to stay? In the beach area has adapted to different budgets and tourist hotels. For his part in parts of the interior varieties are smaller, and most are small lodgings.

    How to reach? The Mediterranean highway is the main route of access to the region from any point on the coast, also has other roads if it comes from the center of the peninsula. The nearest main airport is that of Murcia and may also choose to train or public buses.

  • 1Bajo Guadalentin

    The region of the Bajo Guadalentín, one of the tourist hot spots of murcia

    Location: The region of the Bajo Guadalentín is situated in the Centre of the province of Murcia, combining on the one hand the mountain and on the other the beach, d also be another place where it passes the Guadalentín River, which is called.

    Municipalities: Five people are who make up the region that is a tourist photo throughout the year, thanks to the warm temperatures with which its people live throughout the year. The leading municipalities are those of Mazarrón and Totana where the economy is based on Agriculture and tourism.

    What to see? In the region of Bajo Guadalentín you can opt to spend a good holiday in municipalities such as Mazarrón which in summer doubles the number of inhabitants. In the village you can visit the port where Phoenician ships, the oldest in the world were found.

    What to eat?As with other parts of the Mediterranean coast in the Iberian peninsula you can try excellent paellas for example made with rabbit or potatoes. In the recipe book you will also find other garden products.

    Where to stay? In coastal municipalities has at your disposal many hotels of all styles and tastes. You can choose to rent houses and apartments. In the rural area there are less options.

    How to reach? The comarca of Bajo Guadalentín is well connected thanks to Turnpike of the Mediterranean and other regional highways. The nearest major airport is Murcia.

  • 3Campo de Cartagena

    The comarca Campo de Cartagena with a past full of history

    Situation: The comarca Campo de Cartagena is located in the province of Murcia, in particular in the South of the autonomous community. Since the time of the Roman Empire the area was recognized for its strategic value and its lands to be known for its large production of esparto.

    Municipalities: It is composed of about ten municipalities, notably its capital Cartagena. Virtually the entire economy of the citizens of the region is focused on tourism and the agricultural sector.

    What to see? The city of Cartagena will find a large number of monuments and Roman areas which are protected by its high value. You can also go to the monastery of San Ginés de la Jara, windmills or coastal watchtowers.

    What to eat? The gastronomy is intimately linked to the agricultural production of the region of dry land and the Mediterranean fishing areas. Tocinillos of heaven or typical drinks like liquor "reproductions".

    Where to stay? You can stay at any of the hotels on the coast where there are all kinds of establishments. In the list of accommodation they have apartments, cottages and campsites.

    How to reach? Numerous roads connecting the region of Campo de Cartagena with other areas are the best way to access. The train, public buses and the airport of Murcia complete transportation options.

One of the biggest "gardens" of Europe and a photo of tourists in the province of Murcia

Situation: The province of Murcia is located in the southeast of the Iberian peninsula, the northernmost borders Valencia and South Andalusia, while inside it delimits the community of Castilla-La Mancha. It is the heir of the ancient Kingdom of Murcia region, which also had the province of Albacete.

Municipalities: The region is composed of 45 municipalities of which highlights its capital Murcia in terms of number of population and economic activity. The region is one of the largest producers of fruit and vegetables exported to Europe, in addition to being a place to which many tourists arrive.

What to see? It has a variety of options to complete the agenda of your holidays in the province of Murcia. For example in the region it has 72 art collections of which many of them are of great quality. On the coast you can enjoy a holiday of Sun and beach

What to eat? The cuisine of Murcia is influenced by the communities of its environment such as la Mancha, Valencia or Granada. Dishes based on their maritime culture, recipes cooked with rice and some preparations based on salt, and the tuna.

Where to stay? You won't have any problem to find a place to stay especially in the tourist areas. Inside houses and country houses you have at your disposal.

How to reach? To reach the province of Murcia has several possibilities. By plane, you have the option of the airport of the capital, while in train has many connections between their peoples.