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    Camp de Túria region land of oranges, almond and olive trees

    Location: The comarca of camp de Túria is situated in the Centre of the province of Valencia in the autonomous community of the same name. The Turia river crosses the region by allowing that there are numerous crops such as oranges, almond and olive trees that exported outside the region.

    Municipalities: Composed of ten municipalities which include Liria, Bétera and Ribarroja del Turia. Ecology that has the region is composed of a lot as maritime and maritime pine forests that predominate the pilgrims and esparto.

    What to see? The oldest remains of inhabitants in the area dating back to the Palaeolithic which will enjoy visits to various sites that are examples of the history of Valencia. You can also enjoy long walks and quiet days in a privileged area.

    What to eat? Sweet products is fundamental for the comarca of camp de Túria, including sugared almonds, Nougat and sweets from pastry. Also you can try dishes such as paella or quality meats.

    Where to stay? The majority of the accommodation are breakfast among those who may choose to hotels or hostels that are small.

    How to reach? You can reach by car from the regional roads that connect the comarca of camp de Túria with other parts of the autonomous community. The best airport is Valencia.

The province of Valencia/Valencia one of the capitals of tourism

Location: Valencia/València province is situated in the Centre of the autonomous community of the same name and is in the East of the Iberian peninsula. This area has many mountains inland where the Iberian Mountain range ends, that protects the coast from the wind.

Municipalities: It is composed of about twenty municipalities, although the majority of the population lives in the capital. The economy of the province is based on tourism which it receives throughout the year and especially during the summer months, and also in the industry which haves one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean.

What to see? The majority of tourists who visit Valencia/València do so attracted by the sun and the beach all year round. The options go much further, since rural tourism or monuments are some of their strengths.

What to eat? The paella is the star in all the restaurants and in the houses of all the Valencians. Rice is the base of many dishes, but they also tend to eat dishes prepared with local products.

Where to stay? In the province of Valencia/Valencia you have at your disposal a large number of hotels in the capital, with some of the most important chains in the world. You can also stay in vacation rentals or bed and breakfasts.

How to reach? Valencia airport is one of the most important in Spain, and receives millions of tourists a year. The city can also be reached by high speed trains and large highways linking it with the rest of the Iberian peninsula.